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A 501 (c)(3) dedicated to helping Boston Terriers in the South & beyond.


Tips to Stop Your Dog From Becoming Lost & Being Prepared if They Do

1. Be familiar with your dog. Notice any distinguishing markings on his body like scars or special markings.

2. Take clear photos of your dog from all angles. Do not rely on old, blurry photos. Take 20 minutes to photograph your dog at least once a year. Photographs are helpful for fliers and to help prove a dog is yours. You should take photos of those scars and markings, too.

3. If your dog isn't microchipped already, have it done. Carefully copy the microchip number and put it on your fridge and in your wallet. If your dog is microchipped, ensure the address and phone number on the microchip have the latest information by contacting the microchip company.

4. Make sure your dog's collar isn't fraying or torn. Ensure collars and harnesses fit correctly.

5. Check your dog's ID tag - is the information up to date? If not, be sure to get new tags as soon as possible.


Tips to Get Your Dog Back Home 

1.       Call and visit all local shelters and animal control facilities daily.

2.       If you think your pup isn't too far away, leave a familiar scent, like a blanket, with a food dish (only during the day to avoid wildlife) on your porch.

3.       Ask your friends and family to help, help, help. Scan the areas on foot and by car.

4.       Sometimes a scared pup will be attracted to another dog. Bring a pooch along on your search.

5.       Make fliers. If it’s calling for bad weather, put your fliers in upside down paper protectors and tape the bottom closed.

6.       Make sure to include the following on your flier: A large, clear photo, phone number, date last seen, place last seen, and that the pet needs medication or medical attention (to deter someone from wanting to keep a friendly dog).

7.       Put a flier in your mailbox so your mail person can keep an eye out during the day.

8.       Call local veterinarian offices. Ask them if you can post fliers. Also call your veterinarian.

9.       Call local pet supply stores. Ask them if you can post fliers.

10.   Don’t give up! Animals have been found months, even years after they've gone missing.


Contacts & Links to Help Them Get Back Safely

Fido Finder - Posting of Lost/Found Dogs


Lost My Doggie - Multiplatform Neighborhood Alert System


Flealess Lost Pet Postings - Tennessee


Petfinder Helpful Lost/Found Dog Articles


Missing Pets - Lost and Found Postings


Pets 911 - National Listings of Lost Pets


Pet Key - Lost/Found Pets and Microchip Services




Find Toto - Pet Alert System



Most people don't know how over loaded animal shelters are and that most routinely kill for space. Dogs are held the mandatory time waiting for an owner to show up, if no owner comes, then the dog is adopted, rescued or euthanized.
If we find a dog, recover a dog from an animal shelter or are given a found dog by a responsible third party or Good Samaritan who has rescued or found the dog, we will use reasonable efforts to locate the dog's family within a reasonable period of time and after that time the dog will be considered available for adoption when s/he is in good health.  We will determine that 'reasonable period of time' but by statute, that may be as little as three days.  We do not have the facilities to keep dogs indefinitely, waiting for the family to finally show up.
We will NOT post in the newspaper's Lost and Found section, nor will we place posters on telephone poles or other conspicuous places.  That is the family's responsibility. Other prudent and effective advice on how to carry out activities related to recovery of a lost pet is posted here on this page for that specific purpose and the family's convenience and use.
If the dog is properly identified by a previous owner, that person will be responsible for a per diem fee of $10/day boarding and any veterinary costs that were required for the dog in the sole opinion of BTRET and its veterinarians. Any additional costs required or incurred to protect BTRET dogs from any illness carried by the found dog are also the responsibility of the person claiming to be family. All monies will be paid in full prior to the dog's release.
Proper identification will consist of any documentation, photographs, vet records, AKC records, or other collaborating evidence. The responsibility of proving the dog to be your lost dog is your sole responsibility. BTRET will make a decision based on aforementioned documentation, our veterinarian's advice and the dog’s reaction to you.