We no longer do adoptions, fostering or intakes from Florida. Please visit BTRFL's website here.

A 501 (c)(3) dedicated to helping Boston Terriers in the South & beyond.

For more than a decade, Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee has dedicated itself to Boston Terriers, mixes, and other dogs in need. We spend every moment thinking about or caring for these dogs. Everyone is a volunteer, nobody is paid.  We do not have a physical shelter. We do not have government funding. We are individuals with a common goal of ensuring Boston Terriers who come under our care have all they need for life.

We have a long-standing, close relationship with hundreds of animal control facilities, shelters and rescues across the United States. These relationships are what make our common goal stronger as we network with these facilities to secure the lives of hundreds of dogs each year.

Unfortunately, no non-profit can be free of adversity. At BTRET, the dog is our customer. That means we put their needs first. At times, this may mean we will lawfully resist returning a found dog to its former owner if the dog has been abused or neglected. Other times it may mean we don’t adopt to a prospective applicant. Doing the right thing is simple when you always put the dog first. Sometimes people don’t like our decisions and make themselves heard across social media and do-it-yourself fundraising platforms. 

For those involved in these situations, we respect their privacy and don’t disclose details about their personal situations although those facts can be damaging to the individual as they may have not represented themselves honestly. Some may say our silence confirms guilt but to us, but rather we choose to establish a professional disposition. Regardless of how badly and loudly some will voice their opinions, we won’t retaliate and engage in a public fighting match by lowering our standards to theirs.

From time to time, a small handful of “rescues” have partnered with these individuals in order to harm our cause and the dogs they claim to care about for reasons of publicity and financial gain. We find those who incessantly lash out against established rescues have their own issues to hide and agendas. Individuals who don’t agree with our decisions may feel these “rescues” are working for their cause, but ultimately they are instigating a harmful campaign against legitimate rescues in order to hide their own issues and further their own agendas. They are undermining and distracting from the common goal of rescue: to offer safety and comfort to dogs in need while searching for forever homes. 

Ultimately the truth prevails, those who yelled the loudest grow silent and the adversity passes.

Our lives are dedicated to dogs in need, caring for them emotionally and physically, and finding them excellent forever homes. Any “rescue” or individual who seeks to stop that dedication is not working for the dogs.