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With the holidays fast approaching, it seems our services to Boston Terriers in need only becomes greater. Several days ago we received a call about Ana Maria in Virginia, a dog in terrible shape.
A kind Samaritan noticed something rolling and tripping down a nearby hill. Upon closer look, she realized it was a dog! The woman brought small female Boston Terrier to her home and got in touch with us to help.
Ana had an injured leg, ruptured eye, numerous tumors on her stomach, a large mass on her back and hair loss. What had happened to this poor creature? How long had she been neglected?
Sadly as with most stray dogs, their story starts with coming to BTRET. Ana was no exception. She needed help and fast.
Ana has had her eye and large back mass removed. The vet wants to allow that to heal for a week or two before addressing her stomach and spay surgery, and her limp. She will need at least one more surgery.

Please consider donating toward Ana's veterinarian fees which will likely total $900. You can make a donation at the Paypal button below. At the holidays and always, these dogs will forever be grateful for your support.