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ALL potential adopters and foster homes are screened for suitable placements of dogs. The BOSTON TERRIER RESCUE of EAST TENNESSEE and its members nationwide the Boston Terrier Rescue Network may refuse placement of a dog for any reason.  By submitting this application, you give permission for BOSTON TERRIER RESCUE of EAST TENNESSEE and its affiliates to investigate and confirm all information that you have provided.  All forms become the property of BOSTON TERRIER RESCUE of EAST TENNESSEE upon submission and may be shared with other affiliated Boston Terrier Rescue organizations.  This application is used for both Adoptions and Foster Applications.  There is no fee for Foster Applications.



1)     You must be 26 years of age or older.

2)     You must have identification showing your current address and one form of picture I.D if requested.

3)     You must have the consent of ALL adults living in the household.

4)     If renting, you must have proof of your landlords written consent and pay a pet deposit if one is required.

5)     Your existing pets must have all required current age appropriate vaccinations and be free from contagious illnesses. Veterinary records are sometimes required. If our dog to be adopted states only pet, there may not be any other pet in your household.  

6)     If this dog is stated to be NO CHILDREN this means exactly that.  There may be no children in your home, or if you have visiting children this dog MUST be kept totally separate from the children.  This requirement is for the safety and well being of both the Boston and the children.  If you have specific questions around this stipulation, or are wondering why, ask.  

7)   Findings over the past several years by clinical studies in the better vet schools have established a causal relationship between extended periods without the ability to urinate and bladder cancer, especially in smaller dogs.   Therefore we have established a "6 hour" rule allowance for personal business.  Some discretion may be possible with dogs who're comfortable with piddle pads, neighbors helping out, etc., but the decision rests with the rescue.

8)     You must be willing/able to spend the time necessary to provide training, medical treatment, proper care and cost, and companionship for the dog.   You must agree to keep the dog on heartworm preventative permanently and that is part of the contract.

9)     All other animals in your home must be spayed/neutered unless there are extraordinary reasons otherwise.  It is your obligation to discuss this issue with us and we will make that decision.

10) A component of our Adoption Contract requires that you maintain contact with us, provide us with information on the dogs health or general condition if there is a change and are prepared to relinquish and return the dog to the BOSTON TERRIER RESCUE of EAST TENNESSEE if you are unable or unwilling to further care for the dog personally.  You may NOT sell, give or in any way transfer ownership of the dog to another party without the expressed consent of  the BOSTON TERRIER RESCUE of EAST TENNESSEE and there are expensive legal consequences in the contract for ignoring this provision that we will and have enforced.  Do not take this lightly, we will enforce the contract legally.

11) Rescue is a money losing proposition and without donations we would already be broke.  Part of this  understanding is that you are responsible for picking up or otherwise making arrangements to pick up your new best friend.  

12) Secondhand smoke has been shown to be even more dangerous for dogs than humans, probably due to the contaminated air and pollutants settling closer to the floor.   Households with smokers smoking inside the house will not be considered and our individuals doing home visits will be watching for the odor of cigarette and cigar smoke (or any other kind of smoke).



Our policy is the result of the severe abuse of a little 2 1/2 yr old Boston Terrier named Kipper in Memphis, brought to our attention in late 2005 and ultimately we believe resulting in his euthanasia by his "family":



Kipper's Rules


  • This is our policy on placing Bostons in homes with young children. In spite of what many breeders and pet stores will have you believe, Pure Bred Bostons do not do well with younger children although many of the larger mixes do very well. 

    We very rarely adopt to families with children aged 6 and under. 
    We will consider, on a case by case basis, families with older children.

  • Generally a fence will be required for puppies.   Exceptions will be on a case by case basis only.

Many of the dogs we accept into rescue are here because they've already had bad experiences with young children, some dumped at kill shelters through no fault of their own. 

 The behaviors of small children that aren't corrected by some parents can be shocking. Small children can't be expected to know that a dog can feel intimidated by them, or recognize the warning signs the dog will give before biting.  And a dog will bite out of fear, or because it's been hurt.  That's what happened to little Kipper.  His legs were dislocated by these children, not once but twice.

Please keep in mind that above all, it's our job is to do what's best for the dog. We will not place a dog at risk of euthanasia because it's bitten a small child defending itself.



13) Remember that these dogs come to us often with little information and what we do get is often inaccurate.   Since this same application is used by both adopters and fosters it's important to emphasis that there are both risks and rewards to fostering new dogs and often times the foster is the first opportunity the rescue has to evaluate the dog and its temperament.   Be sure that you have adequate medical insurance in the unlikely event that there is ever an "issue."  However remote, there's always a possibility and having personal medical insurance in the unlikely event of a bite IS a requirement to foster.

14) There is always a minimum adoption fee in each case which helps to offset veterinary costs for the dog you wish to adopt and so that we can continue to help other Boston Terriers & other dogs in need.   You may add a donation if you'd like to help other dogs, too old, too sick or otherwise "unadoptable."  

15) All dogs receive any necessary medical treatment, are up to date on their shots (based on age) and are spayed or neutered prior to adoption if they are medically fit for altering.  Some have pre-existing conditions and we'll tell you about that to see if you're up to taking on a Special Needs kid or one that's recovering from an ailment.  Veterinary or other costs incurred after the adoption are the sole responsibility of the adopter unless some alternative arrangement has been previously agreed to by the rescue.

16) All dogs listed on our site and on courtesy postings are to the best of our knowledge the breed or breeds described.  We rescue dogs in danger from shelters and always the breed determination is made initially by the shelter or previous owner or other source such as a veterinary office.  If we do then describe a dog as a "Boston Terrier" (or other breed or mixed breed) in our rescue, it would be our best determination since we have no specific breeding knowledge or other expert knowledge of the dog's breed other than what is represented by the shelter or provided infrequently by an individual releasing a dog.    Not all dogs of any breed, although they may be certified or represented as "purebreds" are of show quality.   Our personal knowledge of the breed is factored into our determination but by no means is it conclusive.   

17) We are particularly cautious with regard to "invisible fences."  Used alone, there is the distinct possibility of low batteries, or dogs who learn to "game" the fence and get through.   We have a collection of them which were still on "found" dogs.   Even under the best of circumstances, such a barrier does nothing to protect the Boston from other larger roaming dogs and can indeed ironically impede the smaller dog's escape.   We can talk about this but in most cases invisible fences do a good job in discouraging jumpers and diggers when attached above ground on the outside of a standard fence.

18) Regarding big dogs and little dogs: Boston Terriers are notoriously little dogs with big dog attitudes.   When a little dog gets into a fight with a big dog, the little dog will almost always loose.   Don't ask us to place a Boston Terrier into a potentially dangerous situation.

19) The adoption always includes a Contract, to protect the dog, to protect you and to protect us.  












Seniors for Seniors Program

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Seniors for Seniors Foster Applicants Personal Information  

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Do all adults in household consent to this adoption?   


Are there any smokers or visitors or guests to the home who smoke? 


Are you/spouse a student?     Do you travel frequently?   


If yes, how often   



Who will be there to take care of your dog while you travel?



What experience with dogs does this person have and will they actually be living there or will they be

making stops during the day while youre gone?   



How often will they visit and/or check up on the dog? 


Does anyone living in your home have allergies or asthma? 


If so, who?


Do you have a fenced yard with a lockable gate?


Type of fence and height:


How long have you been at your current address and names of next door neighbors:




Do you plan to move in the next 12 months? 


If so where:   


If you do move, what will you do with your dog? 


If renting, does your landlord allow pets?  


Name & telephone number of landlord 


Deposit required and amount per dog 


Do you plan to keep this dog mostly inside or mostly outside, always inside or always outside?   


Where will the dog be kept during the day?  


Where will the dog be kept during the night?  


Where will the dog be kept when nobody is home ?  


How long will the dog be left home alone during the day or night and how many days per week?  


Do you often work overtime? 


What provision will you make for exercising your dog and how often?



What provision have you made for the dog to take care of personal business during rain, snow or other inclement weather and how often?




Where will the dog sleep at night? 


Do you own a dog carrier/crate and if not, do you plan to purchase one?  


(We generally recommend crating your dog while you are away from your residence as a precaution to the dogs safety)


Do you plan to chain this dog in the yard?   (type "yes" or "no" without quote marks):   ?


Can you keep this dog away from the other pets for one week other than supervised "visits"  


(Unless the posting states NO OTHER PETS  we recommend this time to allow all household pets to become accustomed to each other)


Why do you want to foster a Boston Terrier rather than another type of dog



Do you have children or plan on having  ?



Is the dogs appearance/size/age/sex important to you and if so, why 





If the dog develops a health problem who will take the dog to the vet ?




How will you know when to take the dog to the vet?




If the dog develops a behavior problem, how will you deal with it?








List three personal references (no relatives) that you have known for at least a year.  Provide names, addresses and phone numbers.  


First Personal Reference (non family related), address, phone number and best time to call:




Second Personal Reference (non family related), address, phone number and best time to call:



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I, swear or affirm that all the information of this application is true and correct.  I further swear or affirm that nothing has been withheld that would adversely affect my consideration in adoption of a Boston Terrier or any other dog and that nothing in my background might disallow me from being considered in adoption of a dog or any other animal.  I swear or affirm that this dog is for my own personal enjoyment and is expected to be my dog and that I am not making this application for any third person or organization or group.


I further swear or affirm that I have never been prosecuted, successfully or unsuccessfully on animal cruelty or similar charges AND that I have never been refused by any other Rescue or Adoption Agency or Shelter or similar organization adoption of a dog or any other animal.  


I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree with this entire application document including the Introduction, MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS/QUALIFICATIONS FOR ADOPTION and Notes.