Job's Links to Other Rescues & Contact People
Help for Boston Terriers and All Other Breeds

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Miscellaneous Fast Bookmark Listings for Regional Shelters - Also a good source for some hard to find

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Tennessee Breed Rescue








Save Our Shepard's All Breed

Rescue and Shelter Rescource Page in Tennessee


The Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network



PointerRescue.Org, a nationwide bird dog Rescue Organization



An Excellent and Exhaustive List of all Breed Rescue Groups from Yahoo, PDF File.

Click HERE for PDF download

State by State with General Information




The Small Breed Rescue of East Tennessee - Local Rescuers and Shelters

SPOT Society of Atlanta Rescue Link Page provides many rescue organizations in the Atlanta area



Peaceful Kingdom of Knoxville and Links to Knox County, TN Shelter and other Information


East Tennessee Border Collie's All Breed Rescue Links & Animal Welfare Links
(Including Surrounding Areas)

Hugs for Homeless Animals - Local andWorldwide Rescues 


Boston Terrier Rescue National Map, State by State and Links



Coonhound Rescue Links - Click the pic below for the list:


Doberman Rescue in the United States Supporting Doberman Rescue Across America

National DPCA Rescue Website is here

With State by State Mapping, email and telephone numbers and individuals in rescue


Large Dog Pet Rescues and Resources by Breed:

American Pit Bull 
Basset Hound 
Border Collie
German Shepherd 
Great Dane
Labrador Retriever 
Siberian Husky
Staffordhire Terrier 



The Knoxville Young-Williams Animal Shelter links to Animal Welfare, Local Animal Shelters, Pet Placement Partners and others


Hogan's Husky Heroes is an all-volunteer non-profit 501c3 group dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and finding new homes for unwanted, abused and abandoned Siberian Huskies, Northern Breeds and Northern Breed Mixes in Tennessee and surrounding States

Siberian rescues:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;

The Famous Dog Rescue support group and networking tool for dog rescuers all over


All Georgia Shelters Courtesy of 

The Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline, Inc at

Go here for US Aussie Rescue locations



More Georgia Shelters

Courtesy of

Please Rescue Me

found at:

Multiple State  Shelter and Humane Society Listings





All Virginia Shelters and Many Rescues -

 (Opens in Word or Works)



The Famous NetPets National Listing of

Rescue Groups







All Kentucky Shelters thanks to 






The Senior Dog Project

Looking out for Older Dogs -

Breed Rescue Groups That Help Senior Dogs





Beagles of New England States

 was founded in June of 2003 

for beagles in need in the New England Area




Pit Bull Friendly Rescue Organizations





Flealess Market's famous Shelters & Rescue Links Breed or Species-Specific




We don't normally put Yahoo Groups on this page but Pits often take a bum wrap for bad people.


This group is for posting of Pit Bulls in need of transport or rescue.  You'll have to join to use it. 


Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network              

Deaf Dog Rescues and Shelters by State




Pet Love Shack- Tennessee

Also other states, selected Rescues




A link to a list of animal sanctuaries (of various kinds) in many different states……….

Pet Guardians of America

Tennessee Listing 

Keeping Your Animals




And Give Me Paw, Rescue 

for Special needs Deaf and Blind Dogs. We are located in Cleveland Ohio but help deaf dogs and blind dogs nationwide if our resources allow!


Rescue Organizations in Kentucky







Columbus OH Dog Connection's Excellent List of OHIO Rescues & Shelters

A few of the 



the County...


AKC Breed Rescue Groups



Cocker Spaniels -

Cocker Companions in East TN


English and German

Shorthair Pointer Rescue, State by State

Email Links to Lab Rescues


Please use judiciously - physical location is not known.


Breed Specific and Non Breed Specific Dog Rescues in Tennessee


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Boston Terrier and OTHER Breeds too,  Rescue Shelters Animal Shelter Network for Bostons and other Breeds




A VERY good list of breeds and help at: