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When yellow jackets and other nasty bugs become particularly mean and many Bostonians (as well as Boxers and other short snouted dogs) are often very badly affected by a sting. If your pooche shows bad facial swelling, especially around the muzzle, redness and/or appears to be scratching at or biting at it's feet, you must act very quickly or it could be very, very bad.  

Don't take ANY chances!

Our STRONG advice is to get the dog to the vet ASAP!! You should also ask your vet now about keeping some Benadryl (or the less expensive generic 25 mg caps) handy in the case of this  emergency.

If we see any indication of a yellow jacket sting, e.g., rapidly swelling muzzle and face (like in the pics below), licking feet, etc, we give the dog ONE caplet in a piece of cheese immediately and start watching it carefully, planning a trip to the vet if there's no quick improvement, but you need to be talking to your own vet now.




Stuff about our little Bostonians, News, both Good and Bad, 

 Recent Adoptions, Family Photos Sent to Us by Bostonians and their very lucky Adopted People


(You adopted people out there know who you are. Send us your more recent pics if you'd like them posted)




Christmas poopies at the Sanctuary in VA.


Where's momma?





















Attached pics of Buddy (Piggly Wiggly) with Ray & Zeus (Wyatt Marcus) with our girl Mollie and Kay.   Needless to say all dogs weren't exactly excited getting their pics taken...especially with the 

motion activated Santa around.

Happy New Years to All At East TN BTR 
The Dodson Dogz 


























The Boys with Daddy and Momma.. for Christmas.


Robin trying to give mommy kiss


But where is Uncle Scrooge?   


Guarding a bone of course.























Here is a picture of Trooper with the lump of coal he found in his stocking this year. 


He was happy with it because it has a squeaker in it.



























Molly Sue's Christmas picture with Sherry























Hey Donna! Thanks for the facebook info, I sent you a friend request to your old one a while back, but sent you one to the link below.  He's doing great and has been such a joy to our lives!!  


Here's my pinterest board on him that you 


can always access to see our little guy...



















Lucie was a loving and sweet girl.  She had a great love for life; even into her older years.  Lucie loved to eat, play and especially go for a ride in the car.  Lucie is thought of every day by her 


foster family, who waits to see her in Heaven.  Bless your precious soul Lucie, Mama misses you.



I loved having her here, she was a full of life kinda kid. She loved to lounge and play in the yard for hours in the spring sun. 

With a sad heart and tears in my eyes I call out "Wop Wop"! Till I see you at the Bridge, you are loved and missed beyond all measure. 
























Merry Christmas from Alina and her little boy Roscoe !!!






















Merry Christmas from Patty and her crowd:


Joe,  did not get cards out but here is a pic of Winston....... Our best present this year! 


Merry Christmas to all ! Patty, Ron and of course , Winston !





















Hope sends us a Bubba update.


He is having a rough day preparing for Santa!


























Kathy White gets a Schatzie Update ~ what a tired little Boston Terrier



















From Renee - Abbey the scabie babies mama and her new family.   

Everyone got sweaters for Christmas!!  






















  I hope things are well with you and your brood. We are going to enjoy the holidays with our little man! 
Blessings to you and yours,
Sandy and Jim























From the Sanctuary - Marlana's Mom and Grampie, and Hoss in a serious moment






















Read this wonderful and heartwarming email from Molly's mom.
Made me tear up!

From: "Sherry"
Date: Dec 13, 2012 6:16 PM
Subject: Molly
To: "Alejandra Araya" 

Hi Allie,,,,,Molly is doing just fine she knows were the toy box is and she has her favorite toys, Minnie is teaching her how to play tug
of war, her and Molly tore the tail off the coon then d-stuffed it, they do play very well together, everybody stops at the gates when out
walking their dogs so that Molly can have a smell, she gets on very well with the cat, and likes to sleep in front of the wood stove on the
mat, I was nervous but i think she knows it is hot.

well talk again
Sherry Minnie Molly and Lefty






















And it's official, Peppy Penelope has been adopted, here she is with her new family, part of her foster family, new brother Nash and foster sister Lucy Piglet. Happy ending for 12.12.12!!























We have a couple new pics ofSarge and his brother's, his little sister and his momma.



















Mr. Simon Milo has been adopted and this little man has moved to Tallahassee, Fl to be with his sister, Princess Evans, Sundae and momma Peggy.


We're hoping for some new pictures of everybody.























Miss Idgie Threadgood has been adopted and has moved to Lawrenceville, GA where she and daddy David like to take drives.   She's wanting to be


a Truck Dog.    We're hoping for new pics.






















Mr. Chewy Barnes has been adopted and this little man has moved to Tallahassee, FL with his new momma Ashley.


He's a happy little guy.

























Mr. Scout Magee has been adopted and this handsome little feller is now in Tallahassee, FL with his two brothers, a Pitbull Terrier and an English Bulldog.   He sorta fits in


the middle spot.  Daddy Jacob is very proud of his three kids.























Somehow we missed posting Serena Baker's adoption.   She's such a precious little lady.    Serena now lives in Grover, NC with her family, Heather and James


and a family of a half dozen other little Boston kids.























Faith Hope now Bunny has joined Fruitee Baker now Coco has moved in with the Riedinger clan in the Atlanta area.


She's such a sweet little girl.























Little Man Zac Brown has been adopted and is moving to New Jersey with his family, momma Theresa, daddy and two siblings.   


He's got his little bag packed and is ready to go.

























Desi Lu is such a pretty little girl.    She came into rescue with a bunch of little poopies and now has a new home of her own.


Now she lives in Jupiter, FL with her parents, Carol and Bob.






















Daphne Layla, now Chloe has a new family.  She went shopping at PetsMart and got a new sweater, collar and jewels that spell out her brand new name.  


She even got her very own human girl that lets her sleep in the bed.  Life is good!!



















Sarah sent some pics of her two kids, Itsy and Ziggy.    They are the best of buds.




















Here's a new pic of Sarge Jackson and his brothers from Upton.


What a HANDSOME crew.
























Two little kids.




















Paige Clark passed away last week.   She went outside for business and collapsed.    Renee took her to the farm for burial at the Boston Cemetery.

She is the little lady on the right, the little girl on the left is her sister Meg.    I'm sure the crew met her at the Bridge and a lot of jumping and barking was in the air.    


She's another little Angel again.   




















Mr. Buster Cobb has been adopted and moved from Atlanta to Jacksonville, FL with his mommy.   He's looking forward to Christmas with his new sister Lilly.




















Vicki said "I wasn't sure if I passed this update onto all of you or not. This is little June Bug that I fostered she is the one that didn't get along with other dogs but yet blended in with my pack 


just fine.   The first time she got  adopted she came  back to me the next day because she didn't care too much for their other dog but it seems from this update she has found her 


perfect furever home."


(Sometimes it just takes a special home)



















Kelly and Payton's foster gang- a pic from one of our new fosters - Sasha Spunky and Boss Man are on the back row























Hi Joe, Our boy got to go to his new home today. Ed was really pleased with Tyson. They are no the easiest two to get pictures of. They were antsy and it was cold. Tyson Lee said enough of this

 let just get this show on the road and get me in where it is warm. Ed is going to send pictures when Tyson Lee gets settled in. 

I miss my little boy a lot but I am happy he has his own forever home now. Thank you so much for taking him under your wing and giving him the chance he so deserves to have a good life. Enough 

mushy stuff. Have a good night.

 Thanks,   Linda


Hopper's Halfway Home Animal Rescue





















Petunia Tunie is right at home with her family.    She's a special little girl.  Kim says "She's getting frisky with the new dog bed I had to make for Jewels. I thought she only liked the black and 


white ones!! She's such a great girl, we just adore her."



















Little Molly Sue has been adopted and she's now a Canadian Boston Terrier.     Here's Allie's kids and Molly's new momma Sherry and a note from Sherry.


Hi Allie,Molly is doing great is fitting right in like shes been here forever,her and Minnie have play time every day,Molly just loves the

maple tree leaves to play in,loves her veggies she now eats her carrots and loves caulifower,the girls get veggies every day with

their meals and Minnie shares her bones and gives her a bath every day,,I will get on some pics. for you,,,,We all had our Photo sitting

the other day and am waiting on them,,,,


talk soon Sherry, Minnie, Molly, and Lefty























A recent pic of Harryman, the Legend, and his daddy Jim.   EVERYBODY knows about Harryman.



















Mr. Bandit Lee, spoiled Boston Terrier, has been adopted and now lives in FERNANDINA BEACH, FL with his momma Sandra and sister Morkie.


















Mr. Sammy Bama has been adopted and this little man now lives with his dad Ted in Harriman, TN.    Sammy hopes the housing market is on the uptick


because he's going to be a banker like dad.









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