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For Lost and Found for Boston Terriers & Other Dogs

Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee Policy

If we find a dog, recover a dog from an animal shelter or are given a found dog by a responsible third party or Good Samaritan who has rescued or found the dog, we will use our best efforts to locate the dog's owner within a reasonable period of time and after that time the dog will be considered available for adoption when it is in good health.  We will determine that 'reasonable period of time' but by statute, that may be as little as three days.  We do not have the facilities to keep dogs indefinitely, waiting for owners to finally show up.

We will browse the local newspaper's Lost and Found departments, post the dog here on this website if requested by an owner looking for a lost dog and in other appropriate online resources and inquire at our local vets' offices for Lost and Found postings.

Any emergency medical attention required by the dog will be provided immediately as will all other appropriate routine veterinary care as advised by our veterinarians.

We will NOT post in the newspaper's Lost and Found section, nor will we place posters on telephone poles or other conspicuous places.  That is the OWNER'S responsibility and other prudent and effective advice on how to carry out activities related to recovery of a lost pet is posted here on this page for that specific purpose and the owner's convenience and use.

If the dog is eventually properly identified by the owner, the owner will be responsible for a per diem fee of $10/day boarding and any veterinary costs that are required in the sole opinion of BTR of ET and our vets.  Any additional costs required or incurred to protect our dogs from any illness carried by the found dog are also the responsibility of the person claiming to be owner and those will be paid in full prior to the dog's release.

Proper identification will consist of any documentation, photographs, vet records, AKC records, or other collaborating evidence.  The burden is on you to prove that this is your dog and the dog will help make that determination by it's reaction to you.

A summary of pet owner responsibilities and related subjects around the state of Tennessee can be found at 

Pertinent Local and State Dog Laws


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Local Pet Lost and Found Help Resources


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Fido Finder is the largest public database of lost and found dogs. 

Lost dog owners and lost dog finders can post classified ads, search listings, print posters, and even receive automated email notifications when matching dogs are added to the website.


Click HERE to Reach Thousands of People

by telephone





Dog Detective

The first and largest database of lost and found dogs on the Internet.

When your dog is lost, chances are that someone, somewhere has seen your dog.






Lost Dog References and a LOT of other Information on Places to Search and Post for all breeds of Dogs



The Flealess Market's Lost and Found Pets for Tennessee including the Knoxville area


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To post Lost and Found dogs
's Classified Ads for missing dogs and cats


Go to the links on the right and follow the instructions's 

Animal Emergency Response Network

powered by Maddie's Fund and

Helping Companion Animal Victims and their Caretakers During Disasters



The Missing Pets Web Site:

A nonprofit, nationwide alert system to find your missing pet 




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 The nation-wide "Amber Alert" for lost pets featured in t Reader's Digest, one of the most popular magazines in the country, boasting a readership of 10 million Americans!



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This is a nationwide Yahoo group to be used for posting alerts for missing dogs throughout the United States (and Canada) similar to the way Amber Alerts are used to help find missing or abducted children.


Message archives are open to the public, but ONLY MEMBERS can post messages.