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Gone to the bridge Oct 12, 2006

There is no greater kindness that a human can do but to comfort an old dog







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Cowboy Bob's 








Job's Rescue Lists 

for Rescue People










Miss Pebbles and Baby Doll's

The Chow Bowl









The Rockman's Guide to Financial Help for Vet Bills








Oreo Cookies' Travel and Fun Guide to Dog Friendly Stopovers and  Vacation

The Pet Poison Hotline

Call or Click at left for Help



Rawhide or Pig Ears - They Choke and are Nasty with bacteria

Greenies or any "dental bones" - Causes hidden Bowel Obstructions


Raisins, Chocolate or any kind of Candy


Foods with Artificial Sweeteners - Xylitol


Trifexis - Reported Lethal Reactions to spinosad.  

Avoid for Bostons and Pugs - read the label warning

Comfortis - Reported Lethal Reactions to spinosad.  

Avoid for Bostons and Pugs


Banfield for Anything




Synthetic Pull Ropes



Hard, Breakable Plastic Toys OR Rubber Bones or Small Objects


Nylabones or Similar Products


"Pimple Balls"

The Chai Story


Go HERE for First Aid and First Aid Kit Recommendations


HERE for CPR for DOGS (pdf file)


HERE (jpg file)


DON'T leave spilled antifreeze when doing automobile maintenance.  

Just a teaspoon can kill a dog.  Use the new stuff that tastes bad or ask for it to be ordered if you can't find it !!!!!!



Things your home should never be without. This could save the life of your dog


click the link directly above

Emergency Care and longer Term Care

If you have an emergency and don't have the money, try these sources and organizations, and try 

Rockman's Financial link on the left margin a little lower... and...

Organizations that can Help Owners who Cannot Afford Vet Care

(click above)

We pass this information along only as a courtesy - Many speak highly of them and most good vets will work with them

For the Highest Quality Tee Shirt and other Wear

You'll Find ANYWHERE at the BEST COST

Click on the Adair Group Logo on the left

Our Bostons Wear Them Proudly !!


Our Adoptable Kids  !!!

How Children and Pets Should Not Interact

How Children and Pets Should Interact






We've switched to Adopt-a-Pet for our kids.    Just click on the picture 

above to see our great kids.



And look at our regular Florida Division at

(click above)

Learn More about Petfirst Insurance by following

or downloading (click) this PDF document Petfirst_30days_Prepaid

Mammary Tumors (Cancer) in Dogs

This is serious stuff and will kill your dog if you aren't quick enough.......

Read this from

Find Pet Friendly Housing Across the US

Pet Friendly Apartments Across the US


Click Above



If You Need to Release or Surrender Your Dog and You're Serious about 


Wanting Help

If you have a Boston Terrier for whom you can no longer care, contact us or call the Boston Terrier rescue nearest you.  


You MUST download, complete (Word Doc) and email back the



 Owner Surrender and Release Form and Good Pictures



to with complete information in order for us to proceed.   


Snail mail and FAX are alternatives.


Waiting 'till the last minute to call a rescue is NOT a good idea for the dog.  We're NOT just sitting around waiting for your phone call and rescues do stay overloaded in this economy.


You must have vet records available to us.  We are all volunteers and we survive on donations, volunteers and charity.  Many times people call, ask for help and then disappear.   It's YOUR responsibility stay keep in communication if you want our help




Special Boston Terrier Training for all Parents

by Donna Farmer of Birmingham Boston Terrier Rescue

Here's What You Need to Know and it's Just Common Sense

Download it HERE

And here are links to some VERY EXCELLENT training videos including house breaking




click above for lots of great information, especially Dog Training Central for training and puppy training


If you think you might be interested in a career in Veterinary Medicine as a Vet Tech, go to

~For our Little Kids~

Even if you're not quite ready to adopt a Boston of your own, you can help a great deal for medical procedures for sick and injured Bostonians with a special gift for a little dog, many of whom are too old or too sick to be adopted.  

Checks are always appreciated in any amount and if you're interested, please call or email us for more information.

For General Donations


Some people aren't able to adopt but do enjoy sponsoring dogs. Without donations and sponsors, we are limited to how much we can help these poor little souls. 

Rescue has become a sanctuary for older, sick, disabled or otherwise "un-adoptable" dogs.  We have many living happily in foster homes who're being made possible by your kind support for the foster homes and the sanctuaries.


Please Donate Generously to Help us Help Them

  A Boston Terrier kid somewhere will thank you for your Kindness and you'll get a Star in Heaven

Read NOW for your dog's sake:

Holistic Dog Care Made Fun and Easy!


Blogs 4 Dogs

Look at the lower right hand side of the page for Categories and Recent Posts

It's an exceptional summary of information you owe it to your dog to read


The Boston Terrier Rescue of East TN is proud to offer these beautiful garden stepping stones, made by Frank Gavlak

As a memorial to your kids, Boston or not

They come in four colors as shown (natural, white, black, and terracotta).  They are approximately 8" by 10" x 2" (thick) and weigh about 10 lbs each. These beautiful tiles will adorn your garden, patio, deck or yard for years to come!  

For details, click on the picture to the left 

Remember, when shopping Amazon please support 

Boston Terrier Rescue Of East Tennessee


Amazon donates a portion of eligible purchases made at AmazonSmile to the 

kids at our Rescue






St. Roch

Patron Saint of Dogs


Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee


A 501(c)(3) Organization






Represented in all southern states and a VERY PROUD MEMBER of the


Boston Terrier Rescue Network





(Please click above to help all Boston Terriers everywhere)



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Please Find Below Our Own Boston Terrier Rescue of East TN Representatives



General Information


Phone: 865-983-3272


FAX: 865-980-0196

Georgia Regional



Florida Division


Phone: 850-510-9629





North Carolina  Region








Middle and West Tennessee





Washington DC and NE Coast Regions



Phone: 703-542-5698


Kentucky Region


Phone: (513) 207-6863






General Email:



If you send us an email and don't get an answer, you've probably been caught in a spam trap somewhere.   We get 800 emails a day and most of them are trash.  Unfortunately, now & then one of the good ones gets deleted 


If we don't get back to you in 2-3 days, email again with "Boston Terrier" in the subject line and/or 

Call if it's urgent




"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. 

You are his life, his love, his leader. 

He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. 

You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion." 


- Unknown